Cougar caught on camera in Glenmore neighbourhood

Cougar on the prowl

Another cougar sighting in a residential area of Kelowna has been caught on camera.

Kathy Ellis tells Castanet her video surveillance camera caught a cougar on the prowl Tuesday evening, just before midnight, in Glenmore.

"Pretty comfortable," she described the cat. "That was the part that surprised me, that disturbed us a little bit."

The BC Conservation Officer Service has been busy trying to trap a cougar spotted multiple times in the Rutland area. This recent sighting is in Glenmore close to Kelowna Firehall number 8, near Valley Road North and Packinghouse Road.

The area is mostly agricultural. Ellis says her family keeps goats and chickens. "People in the area need to keep their eyes out for their animals.

"The chickens would be a snack but we've got dwarf goats too, they would be pretty attractive, their pen is like a fast-food restaurant for the cougar, very tempting."

Ellis says this is the first time they've spotted a big cat like this one in their yard.

The sighting has been reported to the BC Conservation Officer Service and Ken Owens tells Castanet that the,
"live trap still set in (Rutland) area and people are still reminded to take precautions to protect pets and be aware of cougar safety guidelines."

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