Train away the pandemic behavioural issues in your four-legged friend

Teach your pandemic pup

Madison Erhardt

The pandemic seemed like the perfect time for many to bring home a furry friend, but fast forward almost two years, and many pet owners are in over their heads.

Pawcademy Dog Training in West Kelowna says many dogs now have behavioural problems such as aggression issues or severe separation anxiety because they haven't been socialized properly.

The training facility says taking a few minutes out of your day to work with your dog can help ease stress and tension.

"Definitely some daily training, 10 to 15 minutes can make a big difference. Exercise and play and things like that. Class is a great time to come and work with your dog because you have set that time aside you tend to show up and do the work," said trainer Tanya McLeod.

McLeod says leash pulling and over excitement are also common traits seen in pups and dogs which Pawcademy addresses in their classes.

The facility offers classes in tricks, obedience and socialization which is sure to challenge and tire out your four-legged friend.

"After a good portion of the mental stimulation, you will notice your dog is tired... It is a great way to exercise your dog through the winter to have them tired out at home," McLeod added.

The new facility kicks off classes on November 5.

"We can do a consultation over the phone and see what your situation is and make sure that you are treated the right way," said owner Stuart Foord.

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