Well-respected professor at UBC Okanagan passed away suddenly last month

Prominent professor dies

UBC Okanagan has lost a prominent member of its faculty.

Dr. Hugo De Burgos, Associate Professor of Teaching in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ Department of Community, Culture, and Global Studies, passed away suddenly late last month.

While neither the university nor his obituary stated the cause of death, a newspaper article in his native El Salvador stated Dr. De Burgos succumbed to COVID-19.

Dr Burgos was born in El Salvador, but moved to Edmonton in the early 80's at the age of 18.

He eventually earned his Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Anthropology from McGill University, Montreal, in 1992, and his Master's in Medical Anthropology from the University of Toronto a year later.

"Dr. De Burgos leaves behind a rich legacy in teaching, mainly in the area of medical anthropology and wellness, where he shared anthropological perspectives with his students," UBCO stated in mourning his passing.

"Although focused on teaching, Dr. De Burgos continued his research and writing work, which covered a variety of topics in both Spanish and English, over the course of his distinguished career."

Both the university and the Spanish-language Salvadoran newspaper applauded the connection he maintained to his homeland.

According to ElSalvador.com, he founded the Octavio Burgos Museum of Ethnology and History in his hometown.

"While in Canada, Dr. De Burgos contributed widely within the refugee, Latino, immigrant, and social justice communities," the UBCO statement said.

"He was passionately political, and formed a wide and diverse community network, in part by drawing on his dazzling musical abilities, artistic talents, and passion for uniting people around a common cause."

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