Carr's Landing now has handrails along trails

Safer trails in Carr's Landing

Carr’s Landing’s Maki to Coral Beach Road trail now has handrails in steeper slope areas making it safer and more user-friendly for people of all ages.

The north trail that leads to an off-leash pet-friendly beach has also been replaced by a new pedestrian entry with more gradual slopes, steady footing and handrails which also improve accessibility and safety.

The custom handrails were made by Chris McCormack from the District’s Parks Department and feature a lower rail designed especially for use by children.

"The grant-in-aid policy was updated this year and any neighbourhood association, volunteer group, or interested group of Lake Country citizens can apply for funding, provide their own fundraising and in-kind sweat equity to advance projects that are near and dear to the heart," said Lake Country Mayor James Baker.

The Carr’s Landing Community and Recreation Association and Walk Around Lake Country each contributed $1,000 towards the project along with community grants awarded by the District.

“Improvements to both the Maki Road to Coral Beach Road and the Coral Beach North trails were strong priorities when we surveyed the public in 2019. We are thrilled at upgrades to both trails, providing much better accessibility for all pedestrians and those on bicycles. User’s report increased, safer usage over the past summer," said Julie Halfnights, co-chair of Carr’s Landing Community & Recreation Association.

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