The Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmakers revives HorrorFest

HorrorFest rises again

It’s baaaack!

After a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HorrorFest film festival is making its return to Kelowna, starting tonight.

The Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmakers has resurrected the celebration of the horror genre, with a twist this year.

The festival is available online, and fans can vote on their favourites.

“Our community is full of so many talented individuals in the film community, and being able to showcase that talent is what makes OSIF so special,” said Chelsea McEvoy, OSIF President.

“It’s going to be a great experience for anyone tuning in. Not only do people get to see the latest films made, but we’ve added over 25 Best of HorrorFest Films from years past to create a bit of nostalgia,” said Erin Hazlehurst, OSIF Vice-President and HorrorFest Organizer.

Viewers will be able to choose the winner of the Best Film as well as individual awards from a variety of categories with the winners being announced on October 31st.

To view and vote on all HorrorFest XII submissions, visit: www.osif.org/horrorfest

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