The Waste Reduction Office has several ideas for disposing of your Halloween pumpkin

Give Jack a second life

If you're looking for a way to give your Halloween pumpkin a new lease on life, the Regional District Waste Reduction Office has some ideas.

At the top of the list, compost your gourd in your backyard compost bin.

“Pumpkins are high in nitrogen, making them the perfect material to add to your backyard compost bin,” says waste reduction facilitator Rae Stewart.

“If you chop your pumpkin up into small pieces and add some fall leaves, it will break down just that much faster. Next spring you’ll have a great nutrient rich soil amendment to add to your garden or lawn."

If composting isn't your thing, your pumpkin can always be placed inside your curbside yard waste cart for pickup.

Yard waste collection runs to the end of the year.

If your pumpkin is free of debris or damage from the elements, you can also consider using it for baking or soup.

When toasted or baked, they can be rich in potassium and protein.

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