Residents of Wilden report eggs, rocks thrown at moving cars

Eggs thrown in Wilden

Wilden residents are on the lookout after a series of rock-throwing and egging incidents in the neighbourhood.

Shawana Shoranick tells Castanet she was driving her children home on Wednesday around 7:45 p.m. when she heard a loud noise.

"It just scared my kids so much," she said.

Shoranick says she saw what she described as a young man with a full-face motorcycle helmet crossing the street just before her car was egged.

"I saw him, I just thought he was crossing street and then we hear the smack."

Shorniack says she feels lucky it wasn't worse. Other social media posts indicate people's cars have been hit with rocks in the same area.

"I'm lucky it wasn't rocks, because my car is brand new, I would have been even more unimpressed," she said.

Another person posted to social media that their car was "pummeled" with rocks and stones.

The egging happened on Union Rd. at the roundabout with Upper Canyon Dr.

"I just feel like kids are bored. I don't know, everybody does bad things when they're kids but there has been a lot of stuff in our area lately," Shoranick said.

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