Rutland restaurant spray-painted after 3 customers refused entry

Restaurant vandalized

The Wings restaurant in Rutland was vandalized Thursday night.

The restaurant was spray-painted with backward swastikas and obscene drawings after three young men were denied entry just after 8 p.m.

Owner Brent Stewart tells Castanet said prior to the vandalism, which occurred when the restaurant was still open, a small group of underage youth tried to enter using fraudulent vaccine cards.

Stewart says the three young men all tried to use the same photo of a QR code to gain entry to the restaurant and claimed that because they were under the age of 19, they didn't need to show identification.

"They'd obviously taken a screenshot because they all had the same one. They totally admitted they were drunk."

Stewart says the manager had no intention of letting them in not only because of the false vaccine I.D. but more so because they were drunk. That's when things took a turn.

"They threatened to shank her. They were really belligerent."

A short time later, staff noticed a commotion outside and that's when they saw the graffiti on the windows.

"It was swastikas and you know... you can see it in the pictures."

Stewart says the incident has been reported to RCMP and he has advised his staff to take a zero-tolerance policy and not to engage with disgruntled individuals, "used to be we'd try to deescalate, we just call the cops now."

Stewart says the latest round of restrictions are the most difficult for him and his staff, "this set of restrictions have created more violence and abuse for the staff than any other restrictions.

"It's been two years of this. We thought we were through it so many times and each time a new restriction comes people's attitudes just get worse."

Stewart says restaurant employees and management need compassion and support more than ever these days.

"If my mom wasn't vaccinated, she wouldn't be able to come in. I have a sign in my window that says, 'we make great chicken wings, not regulations.'"

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