First performance in front of a live audience is a few weeks away

Ballet Kelowna back at it

Madison Erhardt

Ballet Kelowna is hard at work practising for their first shows since the outbreak of COVID-19 nearly two years ago.

The three productions will include two celebrity-mixed programs, and the premiere of the company's first commissioned full-length ballet.

"This program begins with The Forever Part by Kirsten Wicklund. Kirsten created a piece for us last season and we were so impressed with what she did that we invited her back to create this new piece."

"It is a contemporary piece and it is sort of exploring the ideas of loneliness, longing, the idea of forever and it is inspired by daydreams. She is using three area carpets in the piece that the dancers are moving around in," said Simone Orlando, Ballet Kelowna’s Artistic Director and CEO.

The second piece on the program is Petrushka. The piece reflects on a puppet’s desire to be human. Orlando says the piece is humorous but also displays a darker side.

The program will finish with a piece by Robert Stephen called Celestial Mechanics.

"It is very musical and nuanced. There is a lot of intricate partnering, solos and trios. It is a very beautiful work that I am so excited to unveil to our audiences here in Kelowna," Orlando added.

Resurgence will take place November 5 and 6 at the Kelowna Community Theatre.

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