25,000 lost golf balls recovered at Kelowna golf course

25,000 golf balls recovered

Michaelbrook Golf Course in Kelowna is aiming to be more environmentally conscious.

Mulligan International, a company from Montreal that recovers golf balls from golf course ponds, was at Michaelbrook for four days and recovered out an astounding 25,000 balls. According to general manager Nadean Ostrom, the course plans on recovering lost balls from its pond every two years through the same company.

“They come back every two years, so we’ll be making this a regular thing, and I think it's a really good thing for the course,” said Ostrom. “Recovering the balls makes more space for the flora and fauna, oxygenates the water, and removes any toxic plastics leaching into the water system (Okanagan Lake) as our pond is a natural pond connected to the lake system.”

Not only is removing the golf balls beneficial for the environment, but the balls also get a second shot at life, too. “The recovered balls are then recycled and any usable ones are resold by Mulligan International,” added Ostrom.

Mulligan's has several different methods of retrieving submerged balls. Michaelbrook used the machine picking method, but they also offer hand and scuba diving picking as well. To learn more about the process, click here.

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