A pair of Albertans visiting Kelowna say they have been denied their voting rights

Albertans denied the vote

A pair of Calgary residents who are visiting family in Kelowna for the month of September say they have been denied their right to vote.

Dante Luciani and his wife, Kristina Horvath-Luciani tell Castanet they made arrangements to vote by mail earlier this summer.

"We are visiting my parents who live in Kelowna and we knew we were going to be outside of our riding during the federal election so we made arrangements to vote by mail," Luciani says.

However, Luciani says he did not receive his mail-in ballot until Monday, election day, and there is no longer time to mail the ballot in.

Luciani says he made several phone calls to Elections Canada before they finally headed down to the Parkinson Recreation Centre to try and cast his vote.

"We arrived at the voting station in Kelowna and basically we have been denied our right to vote," he said. "We have our registered, with a bar code, ballots but for some reason being in another province in Canada we are being denied."

Castanet reached out to Elections Canada by phone for an explanation and a spokesperson said if they have their mail-in ballots, they should be able to vote at a registered polling station if they leave their ballots with the poll workers.

However, Luciani says he and his wife have been denied after multiple attempts to talk to a polling supervisor in person, and they've made multiple phone calls.

"I can go online to pay my federal taxes, I can go online to a medical site and order drugs but I'm physically here with a registered barcode, sent from the federal government and I'm being denied my right to vote, in a federal election not a provincial election," Luciani says.

The Luciani's say it's important to them to vote and they thought they made all the necessary arrangements to vote while out of province. But they say they've hit road blocks at every turn.

"The post office is under a lot of pressure and if it doesn't get to you on time there's nothing we can do. [Elections Canada] put full blame on the post office for the situation," Luciani says.

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