Cooler weather will likely leave a dusting of snow at higher elevations

Freezing levels dropping

After the extreme heat of the summer, it’s going to feel chilly, but the weather forecast this week is normal for this time of year.

The daytime high temperatures will be in the mid to high teens, a bit cooler than average. However, overnight lows are slightly warmer than normal at between 6 and 10 C.

In Kelowna, 5 to 10 millimetres of rain is in forecast Tuesday.

At higher elevations snow is a good possibility.

“The freezing levels are coming down,” says Doug Lundquist, meteorologist at Environment Canada.

“Overnight tonight there could be some snow. It usually happens at the night time this time of year at the highest terrain. So maybe at Pennask Summit and the highest parts of the Coquihalla.”

Lundquist says there’s an even greater chance of snow over the weekend, and it’s likely to come lower down, at around 1,200 metres, reaching some of the hills around Kelowna.

“When it gets to 1,200 metres we’re seeing snow just on the plateau. So basically, once you go up from Kelowna there’s a flat kind of level around about 1,200 metres and then it goes up from there to over 2,000 metres for Big White. If we start to get snow on the plateau, that’s going to be people who have their campers up by Dee Lake and some of the lakes around Kelowna. They’ll be getting snow at their campsites.”

It’s been dry so far this month, with only about 1.5 millimetres of rain at the weather station at Kelowna International Airport. The average for September is 32 millimetres.

Lundquist says this pattern is normal but it will be a shock to many people.

“They’re going to be surprised when they see snow on the mountains. They’re going to feel it’s really cold. They’re not going to want to be out on their patios this weekend.”

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