Family chooses Vancouver over Kelowna after bad rental experience

Turned off Kelowna

The dream was to move from the east coast to the Okanagan, but a family from Halifax has had to change their plans because of what happened with a rental in Kelowna.

Tiffany Thornton came to the city last week, expecting to secure a condo at Discovery Bay.

Instead, she spent hours waiting for the unit's owner to show up, and in the end, never heard from her again. The two-bedroom unit was listed for $3,300 a month, for a 6-month term.

“I sat there on the stoop until 12:30 a.m. and she never showed up, never answered her phone and never responded to the texts and I’ve never heard from her since.”

“You anticipate that you’re going to have a place to live. We were signing on for nine months, so we thought we were good to go,” said Thornton.

Thornton was forced to return to Vancouver, where she had flown in from Halifax. The experience in Kelowna has soured her on the city and she’s instead looking for a long term rental in the Lower Mainland.

She decided to check out some of the social media rental boards after her experience and realized a lot of people are struggling to find a place to live here.

“There’s making money, there’s high season, and then there’s gouging people. It’s unfortunate because that’s the reputation [Kelowna] is starting to get. That you can’t afford it or you can get scammed. And that’s not, I’m sure what Kelowna wants to represent itself as because it’s such a beautiful location.”

The freelance journalist and photographer said they wanted to move to a drier climate because her husband has a chronic health condition, and the whole ordeal caused him a lot of anxiety.

Thornton adds, she and her husband did thorough research and checks to make sure it was a legitimate rental before she came out, and she still doesn’t understand why they were ghosted.

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