Collaborative rescue at Bear Creek between West Kelowna Fire Department, COSAR, PENSAR and an off-duty ER doctor

Rescued man at Bear Creek

The West Kelowna Fire Department and Central Okanagan Search and Rescue were called out to assist a male who had separated his shoulder while swinging on a rope swing in the canyon in Bear Creek early on Saturday evening.

“The West Kelowna fire department arrived on scene and determined that a helicopter would be the best source of getting him out,” Duane Tresnich, search manager for COSAR explained.

“So COSAR arranged for a helicopter head team to come in from Penticton and lifted him out."

The helicopter then brought him back to the parking lot in front of Bear Creek Campground, where he was passed off to the ambulance services to be sent to Kelowna General Hospital for further observation.

Luckily for the injured individual, an ER doctor that was in the area before emergency personnel arrived and performed first aid.

“He was instrumental in helping the young gentleman so we definitely like to thank him for what he did,” Tresnich added.

“It was excellent teamwork between us. The West Kelowna Fire Department and PENSAR, Penticton helicopter team. It makes the rescues a lot easier when everything just flows.”

ORIGINAL: 7:17 p.m.

Multiple people spotted a helicopter with a rescue basket at Bear Creek Provincial Park in Kelowna on Saturday afternoon and into the early evening.

Shannon Gallivan was camping in the area and noticed a helicopter circling in the area.

“At about 4;30 p.m.-ish, there were two fire trucks at the base where people park to go up the mountain and hike the hill there. And for the last half an hour, 45 minutes, there's been a helicopter circling above with a basket,” she explained.

“They dropped it and they've retrieved someone or maybe two people? I don't know. But it went back for a second run. So not sure what's going on."

Gallivan explained that the helicopter has now landed in the open area near the public beach outside of the campsite.

“But it was pretty windy here earlier. So I don't know if that hindered their progress of them dropping the basket,”

Castanet reached out to RCMP and COSAR for more information, which will be added to the story when it becomes available.

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