Golf course will remain for at least another five years

5 years for Shadow Ridge

Shadow Ridge Golf Course will remain in play for at least another five years.

The golf course, situated immediately south of Kelowna International Airport, was purchased by the city for future airport expansion in 2016.

The airport and Monaghan Golf Inc., which manages the course for the city, recently formalized the five year lease extension.

Any future expansion of the airport south utilizing the golf course have not been unveiled.

At the time of the purchase, airport manager Sam Samaddar said the timing would be dependent on the pace of growth at the airport.

The affects of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last 16 months have dramatically slowed that growth.

But, the news of the five-year extension is good news for golfers and management of the course.

"“With another five years ahead of us we’re able to continue upgrades to the course.” said Monaghan Golf Inc. president Tom Monaghan.

“Shadow Ridge is already looking the best it has in the last five years and we look forward to continuing to offer the community an affordable but challenging golf course.”

Samaddar says until the land is needed for future development, the airport is pleased to renew the lease so the community can continue to enjoy the property’s amenities in the years ahead.”

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