Kelowna radio personality has out-of-this-world experience

Voice goes out of this world

Lending your talents as a voice actor or commercial voice talent can take you to a lot of places - virtually of course.

But outer space?

In a manner of speaking, yes. Just ask Kelowna radio personality and voice-over talent Andy James.

One half of The Lake FM morning show, James has been lending his voice for various commercial projects over the years.

But never did he think he would get a chance to work alongside (sort of) Richard Branson.

James' latest venture is pitching an opportunity for you to enter to win a trip for two to space, endorsed by the space travelling billionaire owner of Virgin Galactic.

"I basically got a casting call and auditioned for this voice over," said James, unaware at the time of all the details.

"There wasn't a lot of specs to it ... then, lo and behold, the content team at Omaze, which is a charity fundraising organization in the States reached out to me.

"I'm reading the script, and the first line is it started with the Wright Brothers, then it was Neil Armstrong, and now it can be you."

He says there were a number of rewrites and zoom recording sessions, but when he read the final version, a light went on.

"I said this isn't to do with Richard Branson is it?"

They couldn't tell him at the time because of their own NDA, but on Monday, James says the guy above him at Omaze sent a link to the finished project.

"Holy crap! It's not just Richard Branson's face, it's Richard Branson endorsing this contest to ride on his space vehicle."

With the growing interest in space travel and space tourism, and Branson's own recent venture, it's expected the contest ad will be viewed by millions.

"Honestly, that's the most fascinating part about what we do," he said.

"You can do this from the comfort of your own home in Kelowna, and you never know where it's going to end up. That's the best part of this gig, you really have no idea."

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