The price of gas has surpassed $1.55 a litre in Kelowna

Pump price jumps 15 cents

It would appear gas prices in the Central Okanagan are about to follow those on the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

The price of a litre of regular at least one Kelowna station has jumped 15 cents Wednesday morning.

The price at the Esso station on Lakeshore was pegged at 155.9. It was 140.9 Tuesday night.

While the price at this one station jumped, gasbuddy.com is still showing most stations across the central Okanagan are offering a litre of gas at 140.9.

The lowest price for a litre of regular in the North Okanagan is 137.9, in the South Okanagan 142.9 and in Kamloops 136.9.

The highest price ever recorded across the Okanagan was believed to be at the Polson Park Esso in April of 2019, when it briefly hit 163.9.

Wednesday's jump at the pumps follows a spike in other regions of the province.

On Tuesday, the price in Victoria reached 172.9, while stations in the Lower Mainland were as high as 173.9 last week.

Dan McTeague of Canadians for Affordable Energy says prices could get as high as $1.85 a litre in the Lower Mainland before summer is over.

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