Kelowna golfer finds golf ball in a birds nest surrounded by eggs

Bird builds nest around ball

A Kelowna golfer found a birdie on a local course last week. The problem is, he was looking for his golf ball at the time when he came across a bird's nest set up just out of bounds.

"Me and my buddy were looking for his ball along the fence line at Mission Creek when I spotted a bird's nest with a golf ball inside surrounded by other eggs."

Brian Smeltzer tells Castanet he was out for a round of golf last week when he came across the odd sight, "looks like the bird took in a golf ball and laid their eggs around it!"

Smeltzer didn't want to say exactly where he saw the nest at Mission Creek Golf Club, "I don't want anybody out there messing with it, but I thought it was pretty neat."

Smeltzer didn't see any birds around so he's not sure what type of eggs or bird may have laid them, but the way the ball is surrounded by the eggs seems to suggest that the bird may have laid the other eggs around the ball.

"I saw those eggs it looked like they set up the nest on top of the ball," Smeltzer says.

The golf course runs between KLO Rd. in the north, Mission Creek on the southeast side and Benvoulin Rd. to the west.

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