Costco seeks permission to bring mobile rock crusher to new site for up to three months

Costco the rock crusher

Costco has a problem with rocks at the new site it is developing on Baron Road.

Big rocks - big problem.

Costco had hoped to utilize the material as fill for site grading purposes.

In order to do so, Costco is seeking special permission from the city to utilize an on-site mobile crusher to repurpose the larger rocks into more usable sizes for no more than three months.

"The applicant has indicated that some of the existing native fill,which is deemed as oversized rock or cobble,is too large to be used to fill and grade the site without being reduced in size," a staff report for city council states.

"Typically, oversized native materials must be removed from a given site and subsequently transported to an off-site gravel pit to be crushed and broken down into smaller and more usable materials."

Costco suggests moving the rock to the nearest gravel pits in West Kelowna or Lake Country would work out to travelling between 7,600 and 10,800 kilometres using 320 tandem dump truck loads of rock.

"Utilizing a mobile rock crusher on the property would reduce the number of trips travelled to and from the site to remove any oversized native materials.

"Less trips to and from the property will result in slightly less traffic and subsequently reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the estimated kilometres travelled if the oversized material were to be hauled off-site."

Costco says the crusher would be used between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. for about 21 business days.

In order to minimize the impacts of noise and dust, they will utilize a rock crusher with built-in wash bars to help suppress dust, and would move the crusher around the site as needed, but never within 50 metres of any adjacent residence.

Staff are recommending council approve the use, but add any extension to the three month use would have to be agreed to by council prior to the expiration of the initial use.

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