Red-light runner caught on dash-camera in Kelowna

Red light scare on Harvey


A Kelowna mom says she and her son are still shaken after nearly being hit by a motorist running a red light.

Dash-cam footage shows a driver speeding through a red light along Harvey Avenue and Cooper Road just after 8:30 a.m. on Saturday.

"It was a tough day after that to be honest. And no way to catch this guy," said Nicole Desjarlais.

Desjarlais says the man who captured the dash-cam footage saved her son.

"I only know him as Chris. He saved our son by laying on his horn."

A red-light camera is attached to the light where the motorist was seen driving through the red.

"Not much we can do without a licence plate number. Pretty sad that he kept going and didn’t stop at all," Desjarlais added.

Red-light cameras at 140 high-crash intersections in B.C. are live at all times.

The cameras were made to catch vehicles entering the intersection after the light turns red, leaving the registered owner responsible for the ticket, even if they were not driving the car at the time.

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