Burning RV sent black smoke high above Beaver Lake Road area

Burning RV in backcountry

UPDATE: 4:15 p.m.

The plume of black smoke over the Beaver Lake Road area Wednesday afternoon came from a burning RV.

Lake Country Fire Chief Steve Windsor attended the scene of the fire, about half a kilometre past the second cattle guard on Beaver Lake Road, just before 1 p.m.

He found two people who had been camping along the side of the road in RVs.

“The one camper, in the Class C motorhome, the individual told me that he woke up and the front of the unit was all on fire,” Windsor told Castanet.

“He managed to scramble out, he didn't get hurt, but it totally destroyed that unit.”

The tarp covering the second RV was melted by the fire, but the camper itself was not destroyed.

“The individual didn't know how it started but it was sort of an older camper," Windsor said, adding the area is outside of the Lake Country Fire Department's jurisdiction.

“It had kind of burned a little bit into the bush, so [Forestry] was going to go up there and make sure it didn't spread,” Windsor added.

A member of Okanagan Forest Task Force posted a video to Facebook showing the burned shell of the motorhome, along with large piles of other dumped material. The group organizes large clean ups of the local backcountry, like a recent one near Peachland.

Windsor said the area where Wednesday's fire was is under provincial jurisdiction.

“I don't know who's responsible for [cleaning it up],” he said. “It's provincial land, but I'm not sure if they'd actually undertake that clean up or not.”

ORIGINAL: 2 p.m.

A large plume of black smoke was seen in the Beaver Lake Road area east of Lake Country Wednesday afternoon, and the local fire department is aware of the fire.

The smoke was spotted just before 1 p.m., and a person at the Lake Country Fire Department told Castanet they are "aware of the situation."

She would not say if fire crews responded, deferring comment on the matter to Fire Chief Steve Windsor. Castanet is waiting to hear back from Chief Windsor with additional details.

The BC Wildfire Service said they were not aware of any wildfires in the area, and a spokesperson said the black smoke would likely not be the result of burning trees.

Castanet will update this story when more information is available.

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