Interior Health has locked the doors of Flow Academy after the gym refused to stop operating

Anti-vax owners locked out

Madison Erhardt

Interior Health has effectively shut down Flow Academy.

At 8 a.m. this morning, IH locked the doors of the Sutherland Avenue gym after owners refused to comply with an order made nearly two weeks ago to cease operations.

City risk manager Lance Kayfish says the gym has been operating without a business license.

Kayfish says business owner Tonya Aguiar has been issued eight $500 tickets for operating without a license.

It was also operating contrary to provincial health orders.

On April 22, Interior Health ordered the business to cease operating after it was determined they continued to offer classes despite orders by the provincial health officer to cease all indoor fitness classes.

Despite the order, IH contends the business was continuing to operate.

A business owner in the area also told Castanet News she continued to see people entering the building.

She indicated people would line up in the back and the door would be unlocked by an employee to allow them to gain entry.

The gym also had a policy barring entry to anyone who had been vaccinated for COVID-19, or to anyone wearing a mask.

It was their contention vaccinated people could shed the virus, a theory fully debunked by scientists and doctors.

In the order served Tuesday morning and taped to the window of the business, IH environmental health officer Chris Russell outlined numerous attempts by the health authority, RCMP and bylaw to enter the business had been blocked by employees or representatives of the business.

Russell said in the order that workout classes — which could promote the spread of COVID-19 — were continuing. He further stated those classes constitute a health hazard at a time when there is an urgent need to reduce the rate of transmission of COVID-19.

Interior Health has not yet officially commented on the latest order, however, Kayfish told Castanet News IH has locked the doors of Flow Academy, effectively shutting the owners out of the building.

The new order will be in place until owners can submit a plan to IH detailing how they will operate in compliance with provincial health orders.

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