City highlighting this year's infrastructure investments

City's 'high impact' projects

The City of Kelowna is highlighting a series of “high visibility and impact” infrastructure investments being made this year.

This year the municipality is spending $65M on infrastructure improvements and additions.

Projects include rehabilitation to the exterior of historic fire hall no. 2 downtown, various road and sidewalk re-surfacings, upgrades to the Lakeshore Road bridge and more.

“Infrastructure projects are typically associated with inconvenient traffic impacts or construction disturbance,” said Brian Beach, infrastructure manager. “But these projects are vital to maintaining or enhancing the public spaces, transportation networks and urban centres we all value.”

Park improvements include finishing touches at Rutland Centennial Park, which includes construction of a basketball court, paths and landscaping. A new washroom will be constructed for the park this fall.

Among many active transportation improvements is completion of the corridor along Ethel Street to Raymer Avenue, and will then be extended down to KLO Road. This corridor provides a safe pedestrian and cycling corridor between Pandosy and downtown.

An interactive map of the projects can be found here.

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