Kelowna seniors tricycling through the pandemic

Tricycling through COVID

Darlene and Allan Fischer have been riding bikes together for more than 40 years.

After Darlene had a fall on her bike, she no longer felt safe on the road.

But 84-year-old Allan was determined to bring her along on adventures.

“It wasn’t being used, and I thought, well we have to do something with it,” Allan said, referring to a tricycle that he has now retrofit by installing a second seat.

The Fischers say the tricycle rides have brought them a lot of joy during the pandemic.

“You get the fresh air, you get to see the animals and the birds, the people” said Darlene. “It isn’t depressing like sitting in the house all the time and watching TV. It’s just fantastic.”

With the pair out riding for hours at a time on occasion, Allan attached a motor to the bike last year.

“Now I can go anywhere,” Allan said.

“You meet people, everybody waves to me,” added Darlene.

The Fischers hope their story inspires others to get outside and get some exercise, no matter what age you are.

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