Kelowna gym refusing masks and vaccinated patrons

Anti-mask gym fined

A Kelowna gym is under fire after advertising controversial messaging online.

Flow Academy shared a statement on their website saying "for the health, safety, and protection of us and our members, face coverings are not permitted in our facility."

“Flow Academy will not be accepting any applications for memberships from anyone who has received any of the vaccine options for COVID-19," the statement continues, adding they are worried about the health effects of the vaccines.

Health officials across the country have reiterated that the COVID-19 vaccines in use in Canada are completely safe.

A Kelowna nurse, who wishes to remain anonymous, is beyond frustrated with the gym.

“It is really discouraging to see this while COVID is still very real. It is not good, especially if we want to put all of this behind us. They are not really helping," she said.

Interior Health says they are aware of the gym and issued an order and ticket for non-compliance of health orders back in February.

"All businesses need to follow public health orders and adult group activities are not currently allowed. Where businesses can operate within public health orders, they are still required to have COVID-19 safety plans in place to prevent transmission and protect patrons and staff,” IH said in a statement.

"Additional follow-up is taking place because of ongoing concerns and additional complaints. We have also been consulting with the city and the RCMP,” IH added.

Community members have also resorted to bombarding the gym with negative Google reviews.

Kane Makowski wrote: “Business is anti-vaxx and anti-mask. I would say this place is likely to become a covid hotspot, but I doubt many people will be going to this gym for long.”

The gym's ownership responded to the review, and several others.

"Hi Kane! (or is it spelled Karen?) Thanks for reaching out!! Business is better than ever thanks to people like you publicly sharing our ethics and morals. You'd be amazed how fast like-minded folks have reached out to join the Flow Family. We couldn't do it without you! Keep up the great work! Cheers!” the gym said.

Castanet reached out to Flow Academy for comment but never heard back.

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