Okanagan Task Force founder needs help to keep cleaning our forests

Forest keeper needs help

The founder of Okanagan Forest Task Force ran into some bad luck this week.

"Well bad news today our OFTF (Okanagan Forest Task Force) truck is currently sitting dead in the middle of the highway. Until we can afford to fix it no more garbage, vehicles or patrols will be done. We managed to pull two out today and on our way home it died."

Kane Blake tells Castanet he does what he does to help keep B.C. forests clean and useable for everyone, but he needs his truck in order to keep going.

"I'm very sorry everyone we will be trying to have it diagnosed tomorrow. Hopefully the bill won't be too high and we can get back to pulling garbage," says Blake.

After Blake posted the information on his Facebook page, Robin Bloch, who knows and works with Blake from time to time, said he felt he had to do something to help.

"I know how hard he works and that he puts all that time and effort into something he's not even compensated for and he doesn't ask for anything from anybody. he just tries to do the best he can for his community," said Bloch, organizer of a fundraiser to fix the truck.

The fundraiser has almost reached half its goal of $2,500 as of Wednesday afternoon and Bloch hopes that will be enough to cover the cost of the repairs to Blake's pickup truck.

When Castanet spoke to Blake about the fundraiser he choked up on the phone. "I'm trying not to get emotional right now but it's hard."

Blake says he is very touched by the support he has received already and he vows to continue his efforts to keep B.C.'s forests clean.

"We're somehow going to get it to the shop and see what we can do and hopefully get it back on the road. I am beyond grateful for the help and I hope to be back in the bush as soon as possible."

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