Three men displaced by large fire in Glenmore

3 men homeless after fire

Three young men are thanking their lucky stars they are alive and well after a fire at a next-door apartment construction project narrowly missed consuming their townhome.

Brendan Harkins tells Castanet that he and his two roommates live right next to the two-storey apartment

development at the corner of Glenmore Drive and Union Road that went up in flames early Tuesday morning.

"I live right in that corner unit, it was very hot in there," he said.

Harkins says he and his roommates have been living in the new townhouse for about five months and hadn't gotten insurance yet, "my bedroom is completely gone." Harkins says he woke up but fell back asleep only to be awaken again by his roommate, "he was yelling for everyone to get up. Just grab whatever we can on the way out. As I was leaving the garage it was so hot on the back of my thighs I had to run out."

The Wyndham Crescent condo building was still under construction and investigators have not determined a cause of the fire yet.

The Parklane development next door, where Harkins lives, suffered some damage and Harkins believes the development insurance will be able to cover the cost of repairs, but he believes he and his roommates will be responsible for paying the deductible.

Rob Gibson

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