A pilot turned sommelier says the Okanagan has the best red wines

Okanagan has top red wine?

A Porter Airlines pilot is going from the cockpit to the cantina after the 'most difficult year' of his life – and he says the best reds can be found in the Okanagan.

Captain Sullivan is a Toronto-based pilot who has travelled all over Canada, thanks to his job. But like many other airline workers, Captain Sullivan was forced to stop working because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I consider myself fortunate, because at least I have something to pivot on, which is wine," he says.

With his aviation license and a Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers education from George Brown College in Toronto, it was only a matter of time before his next venture took flight.

He now does virtual wine tastings from coast to coast within Canada. Fabulous wine will arrive at your door, with optional cuisine, and then you log in for an educational and fun wine tasting hosted by the Captain himself.

When it comes to reds, Captain Sullivan says the best red wines can be found in the Okanagan Valley, but he loves all wines produced here.

You’ll hear plenty of aviation puns during the wine tasting. Meals are in tiers like business, premium and first class and he uses his travel experience to describe the region your palette is visiting.

I try to describe it in a journey way, even though, yes, I am fully well aware we are doing it virtually via zoom. I call it the magic dust, you gotta have a little bit of that in there too," says Captain Sullivan.

He also recently got engaged to his partner and says his family will celebrate by opening a magnum-sized bottle of red from Osoyoos LaRose to celebrate.

Learn more about The Flying Somm here.

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