A new online map reveals more than 65 murals within Kelowna

Kelowna mural map

Kelowna is home to more than 65 murals and now there’s an easy way residents can find them all.

UBC Okanagan and CTQ Consultants collaborated for the Legacy Mural Project in June 2020. The project saw the creation of the Salmon Mural which was painted by 16 art students along with artist and designer David Doody in the heart of Kelowna’s Cultural District, outside of CTQ Consultants.

“Watching UBCO’s fine arts students hard work, integrity and creativity during the creation of our CTQ Legacy Mural, under instructor David Doody, excited and inspired me to explore a way to celebrate and share the areas incredible murals,” says CTQ Consultants GIS specialist Dianne Gray.

Gray has created the Kelowna Mural Map, which features the locations, descriptions and photographs of all the murals in the city. This includes the multiple new murals in the heart of Rutland, the OK Corral Mural which was painted in 1985, the mural off of Lakeshore depicting historical images of the Mission and more.

“Discovering them and learning about all of them was fun and we hope to continue this legacy by adding future murals to our on-going community maps,” she says.

Anyone with information on more murals in Kelowna can contact Gray through the website to update the map.

CTQ Consultants hopes other companies and individuals will be inspired to support new artistic initiatives so more murals can be created within Kelowna.

To view the mural map click here.

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