25 volunteers gathered more than 38 bags of trash from Rutland on Sunday

Big Rutland clean-up

More than 20 volunteers including MP Tracy Gray were out in full force on Sunday cleaning up different areas of Rutland.

Christopher Bocskei with the Rutland for Safe Neighbourhoods Facebook group tells Castanet the clean-up group gathered 38 bags of garbage from Chichester Park, Upper McCurdy Bench, Dougal Road, Asher Road, Highway 33 and more.

“I’ve lived in the community for many years and I go to Chichester Park almost every week and walking through, some kids told me they saw an old encampment that someone had left behind.

"When I went to look at it, I realized there was probably 10 bags of old clothing and garbage there,” Bocskei explains, adding that it took two hours for eight volunteers to tackle that area.

This is the second large clean-up the group has done and they look forward to doing it again in the future.

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