Trial for Canada Day stabbing in Kelowna will resume on July 26

Killing trial to resume in July

The trial for the two men accused of killing a 23-year-old man in downtown Kelowna during the 2018 Canada Day celebrations will continue in late July, after it ran longer than it was first scheduled for.

Nathan Truant, 28, and Noah Vaten, 22, both face manslaughter charges for the killing of Esa Carriere near Kelowna's Queensway bus loop on the evening of July 1, 2018. The Crown alleges Vaten inflicted the fatal stab wound into Carriere's chest during a group attack.

Their trial began Feb. 22 and was scheduled to last three weeks, but it ran longer than expected. Earlier this week, the trial was scheduled to resume on July 26, and just two more days of trial are expected.

It was recently announced that lead Crown prosecutor on the case Martin Nadon will be appointed as a provincial court judge next month, so a new prosecutor will take on the remainder of the case.

Several witnesses of the attack have testified at the trial, although no one was able to clearly identify Vaten or Truant as the attackers.

The court also heard testimony from a man who shared a cell in the downtown Kelowna "drunk tank" with Vaten in the early morning hours after the attack on Carriere. He told the court that an extremely intoxicated Vaten almost immediately began to tell him about how he had stabbed a man that evening.

Vaten and Truant were arrested more than six months after the attack. Vaten was found at his mother's house in Winnipegosis, Manitoba.

Upon his arrest and later during interrogation, he said he had no knowledge of the night Carriere died, claiming he had blacked out due to alcohol and cocaine use. But later in the interrogation, he confessed to killing Carriere.

But Vaten's lawyer Glenn Verdumen is challenging the admissibility of Vaten's statements to police, on the grounds that they weren't voluntary, and breached his Section 10 Charter right to a lawyer.

Both Vaten and Truant are currently out of custody on bail.

Two other people who were 17 at the time of the killing and can't be identified were also charged with the manslaughter of Carriere. One has since pleaded guilty, while the other is set to begin trial at the end of this month.

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