Happipad scores big funding from CMHC

Happipad scores big funding

Those who work at Happipad Technologies are a little more happy today after receiving a significant funding boost.

The Kelowna-based company, whose goal is to help people find affordable and shared housing, has received $250,000 from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to expand its platform across Western Canada.

“Happipad is excited to take the next steps towards building a Canadian ecosystem around companion housing,” Happipad CEO Cailan Libby said in a press release. “Companion housing not only provides a form of housing that is affordable, but it also promotes social connectedness and environmental sustainability.

“Our mission is to make companion housing safe, convenient, and accessible to all Canadians, and receiving the support of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation will greatly accelerate our pace to realize this goal.”

Happipad works with 18 community organizations in B.C. and Alberta to find shared housing for those who need a bit of support.

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