Residents of Hall Road mourn the loss of their beloved community pet, Honeysuckle the duck

Goodbye, Honeysuckle

Hearts are broken on Hall Road, as the community says 'goodbye' to its beloved Honeysuckle the muscovy duck.

The unusual duck started getting attention in Kelowna over the past year. Visitors would pass by the pond and their eyes would immediately go to this one of a kind big duck that stood out among dozens of other ducks.

When Honeysuckle hadn't been seen for over a week, Hall Road community member Maureen Mores says she went searching for him and found four or five clumps of his feathers.

Many coyotes have been spotted in the Hall Road area and locals think one may have gotten ahold of him.

Friday, Mores made her way down to the Fishing Pond on Hall Road and posted a Memorial photo she spent a week working on. She completed it with some of Honeysuckle's feathers and flowers.

Honeysuckle was king of the pond, after he left his 'family home' and discovered it, he never left – other than when the family would bring him inside during cold weather to keep him warm.

"He came at a time when the world was upside down and offered everybody in the neighbourhood a little bit of hope," says Mores.

"Everybody in the neighbourhood came down here with bags and seeds and corn," she adds.

Honeysuckle didn't just touch the hearts of the Hall Road community. People would drive in from all over the Interior on the weekends to feed him his favourite berries and peas.

"Honeysuckle was totally worth the two-and-a-half hour drive," says Kamloops resident, Anna.

"I would paint him on my spare time, it was a good way for me to extend the joy that I had experienced when I was with him in person. I was able to kind of bring that into my apartment," she says.

Although the pond is quiet, and the water is still, you can still visit the other ducks – who are just as sweet, but not quite as special as Honeysuckle.

"Emily Dickinson wrote this poem back in the 1800's, and it goes: Hope is the thing with the feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all. That's what I have in my mind when I think about him," says Mores.

Honeysuckle's memorial is located at the Fishing Pond on Hall Road behind the information sign.

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