Man accused of fatal 2018 stabbing allegedly confessed to cellmate

'This isn't my blood'

The man accused of fatally stabbing a 23-year-old man in downtown Kelowna during the 2018 Canada Day celebrations couldn't wait to tell a complete stranger about the alleged killing just hours later, according to testimony Thursday.

The fourth day of Noah Vaten and Nathan Truant's manslaughter trial began with testimony from a man who shared a cell at the Kelowna RCMP detachment with Vaten just a couple hours after Vaten allegedly fatally stabbed Esa Carriere near the Queensway bus loop during a group altercation.

Vaten was arrested outside the Rutland RCMP detachment about three hours after Carriere had been killed. He was found by an RCMP officer kicking the front door of the detachment while yelling “f*** the police.” While the arresting officer found a fold-out knife on him during the arrest, police had not yet connected the earlier fatal stabbing downtown to Vaten.

Vaten's apparent disdain for law enforcement continued after he was taken to the downtown Kelowna detachment and placed in the “drunk tank” overnight with Brandon Bailey.

Thursday, Bailey testified that Vaten “immediately” began telling him the police were “dumb,” because he had fatally stabbed someone that night and the RCMP hadn't figured it out.

“He went right to telling me that the police could have him for 14 years for murder but they have him in the drunk tank. He repeated that a couple times,” Bailey said. “Then he proceeded to tell me that he had just stabbed somebody.”

Bailey described Vaten as “very drunk, very excitable” and very talkative.

“He told me he and his boys were out partying, they had an altercation with this gentleman, and then gestured to me that they got in a fight with this guy and that he had stabbed him – made the [stabbing] motions into his hand three times,” Bailey said. “As if he had his hand on the back of the person and thrusting his hand as if he had a knife.”

Bailey said he didn't initially believe Vaten, but noticed his hands were covered in dried blood.

“I asked him if he was hurt and he said 'no, this isn't my blood, it's from the guy I stabbed,'” Bailey said.

“He just kept going on about how his boys have his back, no one would rat him out, police are dumb, they could have him for 14 years but they've got him in the drunk tank.”

Bailey testified that Vaten had mentioned the dispute started “over some money,” but Vaten had not gone into detail.

Surveillance footage from the jail cell that night was played in court Thursday, and Vaten appears extremely intoxicated, stumbling around the cell, repeatedly shaking Bailey's hand and even hugging him at one point.

Bailey testified that night was his first time he had been in a jail cell, and he wanted to keep his interactions with his cellmate positive. Bailey said Vaten repeatedly thanked him “for being a nice person.”

In the video, Vaten appears to show Bailey the stabbing motion over and over again, while describing the night's altercation.

At one point in the video, Vaten is shadow-boxing with the walls and then begins doing pushups in the cell. After about 15 minutes, both men sit on the floor and continue talking.

Bailey said Vaten talked about his tumultuous upbringing and how he was sleeping on friends' couches at the time because his home life was “pretty rough.” About 45 minutes after first entering the cell, Vaten fell asleep.

Vaten and Truant's trial is scheduled to continue over the next few weeks. Two others who were 17 at the time of the killing and can't be identified were also charged with manslaughter. One has pleaded guilty, while the other will begin trial at the end of March.

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