Woman visits Bliss Bakery for third time, refuses to wear a mask

No mask, no Bliss

Kelowna’s Bliss Bakery has had enough.

Darci Yeo, co-owner of Bliss Bakery spoke with Castanet after her staff were harassed and filmed by a woman refusing to wear a mask and according to Yeo, this is the third time the woman has entered the store looking for trouble.

“Since the health orders have come into place, of course we are required to wear masks and as a business we are not supposed to serve anybody who doesn’t wear a mask,” she says. “However, we continue to have people come in who are not wearing masks, who wish to use the business as a platform for espousing the social injustice that they are facing — threatening to sue us, coming in and generally harassing the staff.”

The woman who visited the Ellis Street store on Wednesday entered without a mask and refused to put one on after being asked to. When she was denied service and told to leave, she claimed she was a constitutional lawyer who was going to share her story with the media and sue Bliss Bakery for being refused service.

“She said that she does not do masks, she’s a constitutional lawyer and its her constitutional right that she should be served and when the staff pushed back, she pulled out her phone and started recording the staff asking them for their names,” says Yeo.

“I don’t care if you’re a constitutional lawyer as you say, the Queen of England can visit and she is going to have to wear a mask. We are following the health orders and I am not willing to continue putting up with people coming in and abusing my team members who are working hard to work within the health orders that have been put in place.”

Yeo says she’s noticed an uptick in people entering the store without masks, with many acting aggressively when told to put one on if they want service.

“When Dr. Bonnie Henry says we can start serving people without masks, we will happily do that but until that time, you come to Bliss or any restaurant, you have to wear a mask…If you have an issue with this, if you feel it’s against your constitutional rights or whatever, it might be, there are venues for you to express that. Go to the rallies, go to Victoria, contact Bonnie Henry’s office, but don’t take it out on my staff who are trying to do their jobs,” she says.

The woman who caused the disturbance eventually left the store when staff informed her that RCMP were on the way.

"COVID is hard enough without the covidiots. It just has to stop. People know they have to wear a mask. Quit acting like it's a surprise."

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