Kelowna man writes book about reaching highest potential

Book was a tribute to dad

Sarita Patel

A Kelowna man wrote an international best seller on Amazon as a tribute to his father who passed away while working on his orchard.

The Complete Man is a book that author Purdeep Sangha says helps men "achieve victory."

Sangha describes his father as "very masculine and would take command of every room" he was in, but he also had a softer side.

“He taught me that it was okay to share my emotions. Sometimes I would be embarrassed because he would openly share his emotions and I would be like ‘wow, are guys supposed to do this?’ But he taught me it was okay to be that way.”

Sangha said his father had a goal of reaching retirement at the age of 65 but unfortunately his vice, which was alcohol, ultimately took his life before that milestone.

“He was waiting for that moment of 65 but he passed at 64.5. That for me is the most driving factor for this because in a way it hurts because he didn’t get a chance to pat himself on the back,” he adds.

He believes ultimately his father would be proud of the book.

“I think he would be glad that I am sharing these thoughts because I think my dad didn’t feel like I understood him growing up and now that I am old with my own family there’s a lot of things I look at and I say, ‘oh, my god. That’s how he felt.’

“I think on the other side, because I do talk a little bit about some intimate things in there too, from a relationship standpoint he may be like, ‘well, I don’t think you should have put that in the book.’”

Between Sangha and his brother, they visit the orchard once a year to help out with the harvest, but moving back and running it isn’t off the table.

“It would be like a hobby farm and I think a lot of people have orchards because it’s almost like a hobby,” he added.

“I would in a heartbeat take it over because it’s who I am, it’s a part of me — I could not see myself being in my later years not being on my orchard.”

The book was an international best seller on Amazon and was also rated #1 in the business entrepreneurship, business mentoring & coaching, business leadership, business motivation & self improvement, small business and success & self-help categories.

Recently, Sangha was invited to be part of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches.

Copies of The Complete Man are on sale now. Those who prefer audiobooks can receive 75 per cent off with the code: victory75.

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