Local finds 'colourful' ice on walk near Pelmewash Parkway on Sunday

Artfully coloured icicles

Darlene Bottomley and her husband were walking along the Pelmewash Parkway, as they do every week when they were stopped in their tracks by a beautiful sight.

On Sunday, at around 1:30 p.m. the pair grabbed their Starbucks coffee and hit the road for their 30-minute exercise.

The Kelowna residents walk the same route but have never seen anything like this before.

“It was just a real surprise, we were there first and I said that’s so beautiful so we stopped there and then other people started coming as soon as we got there taking photographs,” said Bottomley.

She said they were planning to head to the area where there was a landslide last week and the coloured icicles were just before the area coming from Kelowna towards Oyama.

This was the only section that was coloured that they saw and the duo got up close to investigate how the icicles were coloured.

“My husband thought it was food colour and I thought it was tempera paint that the children use, the powder … because of that one section looked like a powder,” she added not knowing how the ‘artist’ did it.

She wanted to share the photos with readers to enjoy some happiness in these times.

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