Resident captures unknown ice formations at Mill Creek Regional Park

Unknown ice formations

Sarita Patel

A local resident sent in photos of unusual ice formations that he found throughout Mill Creek Regional Park.

When Castanet reached out to Environment Canada to see if there’s an explanation for these hollow, cylindrical sculptures —they were stumped.

“To me, it looks like the ice kind of froze there along the creek, it looks like it was an area where it was rushing downhill and there must’ve been a hole perhaps and water was maybe splattering through,” said Doug Lundquist, who removed his meteorologist hat and put on his scientist hat to explain what he was seeing.

“Because of the cold air, it may have frozen to make this unusual object.”

Lundquist says he’s never seen anything like this before in his over 30 years of working as a meteorologist.

“Mother Nature is out there to give us wonder and this is why I actually got into meteorology because every day is different.”

He says there have been many unusual ice formations seen within the last cold event and his favourite so far, the lake steam captured last week.

“When we get such cold air there are some swirls of sea smoke — I sometimes call it lake smoke — the fog that can form over the lake when it’s really, really warm water and cold air.”

“There was a really beautiful one last week … where it kind of worked itself into a little spin, similar to what a dust devil would do for us in the spring.”

Lundquist says lake steam does happen all the time but it’s rare to capture such a 'beautiful one’ in a photograph. He ranks this odd object in the middle of all the neat weather-related creations this winter.

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