City of Kelowna opening more locations to food trucks this year

More food trucks in parks

Kelowna is going to have many more food trucks on its streets come this summer.

The city is opening up several new spots to food truck operators, with bidding now open for preferred locations.

Until now, City Park was the only public property open to food trucks. Now Knox Mountain Park, Okanagan Rail Trail, Ben Lee Park and Rotary Beach are all going to be filled with delicious meals on wheels as early as Spring.

The city is now taking applications from operators until Feb. 23.

“Mobile food vendors such as food trucks are becoming increasingly popular and we’re hoping to see a variety of applicants this year as we provide this new opportunity for economic recovery and animating our public spaces,” says JoAnne Adamson, manager of property management with the City of Kelowna.

One spot is available at each park or public space for a one-year license, except for City Park which has one two-year license available. The permitted time frame is May through September each year.

For more information about business services such as concession and vendor opportunities, visit click here.

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