Local author to release new children's book on Valentine’s Day

Books to educate & protect

A local author is releasing her third book this Valentine’s Day.

Terri Tatchell, who was nominated for an Oscar as a screenwriter for District 9, will add to her children’s series Endangered and Misunderstood with her latest book, Okapi Loves His Zebra Pants.

The book takes place in the Democratic Republic of Congo and features the elusive Okapi, also known as the African Unicorn. Okapis are notoriously shy animals and were photographed in the wild for the first time in 2008.

The writer uses her books to entertain and educate children in approachable ways on an otherwise serious topic. Okapi Loves His Zebra Pants celebrates physical differences and discusses ways to deal with anxiety and self-acceptance.

Tatchell’s mission is to raise money and awareness for the protected animals as all proceeds go to animal conservation efforts. Since the first book in the series was released fourteen months ago, she’s donated over $3,000.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Tatchell shifted her ‘storytimes’ to a virtual platform like Zoom — which has allowed her to connect with people across the globe.

“Reaching children worldwide with real-time face-to-face storytelling has been a highlight of my career to date,” says Terri Tatchell.

“It feels more science fiction than anything I could make up! How is this possible? My daughter might be grown up and past storytime but hey – no big deal – I just read “Adventures of a Pangopup” to a little girl in Palestine.”

You can find the series at Once Upon A Bookstore in Kelowna, local Indigo stores and online.

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