Local farmer wants your Christmas tree to feed her chicken

Top of the pecking order

Why did the chicken eat the Christmas tree? To get healthy, of course!

There's a farmer in Kelowna who wants your real Christmas tree and she's feeding it to her chickens.

Hidden on Hall Farm says the trees keep the chicken from feeling peckish (hehe).  They are also a form of entertainment for the animals.

"It's just something fun for them to do at this time of year, there's not a lot of fresh greenery for them to eat and enjoy," says farm owner, Joy Remple.

"Some greenery is a natural form of a de-wormer," she explains. "They eat it right down to the branches with no green left on it, so they do enjoy it."

Once the animals eat up the tree, Remple says they chip the wood through the chipper and use it for fresh bedding in the spring.

Hidden on Hall Farm says it's a full circle process that sees chickens eat good food and spend their time entertained while free range, which then allows them to lay healthy eggs. The farm gathers the eggs daily and sells them fresh using its honour system located at the front of the house.

"The eggs are great," says Sam, a customer stopping in to grab his eggs. "They taste better than the ones you get at the grocery store."

If your tree is still sitting at home, drop it off at 3150 Hall Road so these chicks have something to get egg-cited about. 

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