Store opens in Kelowna selling 3D-printed products made from recycled materials

From fridge to ornament

A new store like no other has opened in Kelowna's Orchard Park Shopping Centre. The Rogerie sells plastic products made from 100 per cent recycled materials using 3D printers.

"It's our first retail location. We've been online for about a year and a half. So what we do is basically make everyday products from recycled plastic," says co-founder Brady Rogers. "We get a lot of it from partner companies around Canada but some of it we've actually started getting from the Kelowna landfill as well."

To make the products, the materials are washed and ground into pellets. Then, they are tinted using concentrated non-toxic colourants. The pellet mixture is put through a machine which melts and cools it before it's chopped back into pellets. The pellets run through a machine that melts them a second time and spools it into rolls. The finished spools of filament are then ready to be used in the 3D printers.

The Rogerie sells products such as self-watering planters, wine glasses, soap dishes, bathrooms sets, drink coasters, salt and pepper shakers, reusable cutlery sets, jewelry, ornaments and more. 

"Our snowflake ornaments are our first product that we've made from fridges from the local landfill here," explains Rogers. "We got special permission to go to the landfill after hours and take apart a bunch of fridges and pull out all the plastic drawers and shelves. We cut those up ourselves, washed them, ground them and turned them into the products."

The Rogerie facility uses only renewable energy sources as well as minimal ground shipping and no overseas shipping for the products. They also use waste-free manufacturing technology and offer recycling services for their products. 

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