City crews work to clear flooding around Redlich Pond

Urban pond overflows

City of Kelowna crews were busy dealing with Redlich Pond for much of the day Friday.

The pond, located between Clifton Rd. and Glenmore Dr., is one of the oldest wetlands in the city and acts as a run-off pond and filter before storm water reaches Okanagan Lake.

The pond began overflowing its banks submerging walking trails around the pond and threatening to flood the basements of several homes along Pinehurst Crescent.

A City of Kelowna worker told Castanet the flooding was caused by a blockage further up the retention pond chain, but that blockage has now been removed. 

"There's a 12-inch pipe flowing in and a six-inch pipe flowing out so it could take a while before the water level returns to normal."

Dawn Gardner tells Castanet her son was taking the dog for a walk and was stunned at how high the water was Friday afternoon. Another resident says he has lived in the area for 30 years and has never seen the water levels so high.

According to the Friends of Redlich Pond Facebook page, the City of Kelowna diverted the storm-water from nearby roads into the one-acre urban pond years ago and they have been fighting to help preserve what's left of the pond for years. The pond is home to painted turtles and ducks and the city has installed an air bubble aerator system to help the local wildlife.

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