Construction on new Pandosy Waterfront Park starting soon

Pandosy park plans ready

After more than three decades of on again, off again planning, proposals and controversy, construction of the much anticipated Pandosy Waterfront Park is expected to begin next year.

Originally known as Cedar Avenue Park, plans for construction of the park in the South Pandosy town centre have been on the books since the late 1980's or early 90's.

After several years of plans, and more plans, the project was put on hold in 2011, before being resurrected three years later.

In 2017, the KLO Neighbourhood Association, frustrated over the lack of progress, even suggested it would try and raise $1.7 million to get construction started.

Now, five years ahead of when construction was scheduled, the city says site preparation is now underway.

It says it's "finalizing its construction schedule," and expects to complete Phase 1 in 2021.

The final master plan for the park is now available online.

“The master plan for the park reflects our community vision, Imagine Kelowna. It also balances the values and priorities that this neighbourhood and the broader community have told us are important to them,” said project manager Andrew Gibbs.

“The park will provide fantastic views and access to Okanagan Lake, with an urban waterfront, a paddle sport launching area, a pedestrian promenade and much more.” 

Funds the city has received through the controversial parks DDC program instituted in February has allowed the project to move ahead of schedule.

“This waterfront park is very important to the Pandosy neighbourhood and to the city as a whole,” said Gibbs.

“This project is part of our long-term plan to create more public spaces that bring people together and create a vibrant community space.” 

Plans include a pedestrian promenade, waterfront walkway, lift station with foot and boat wash, misting water feature plus a future event pavilion and paddle centre.

No price tag has been attached, however, in 2017, construction was pegged at $6.7 million.

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