KF Aerospace gets approval for its 'Centre for Excellence'

Museum ready for takeoff

KF Aerospace's Center for Excellence has cleared all final pre-flight checks, and is ready for takeoff.

City council Tuesday unanimously approved issuing a development permit for the three-storey building on Lapointe Drive, adjacent to Kelowna International Airport.

When complete, the building, in the shape of an airplane will feature what was described as a "simple building, flanked by two hangars."

Those hangars will contain a mix of restored aircraft which have importance to both the history of KF Aerospace and the aviation industry in general.

The centre will be part museum and part display, highlighting the importance of the company in the community, stated Jim Meiklejohn in a brief presentation to council.

The company hopes the centre, once complete, will be a destination point for people using the nearby Okanagan Rail Trail, and for classroom field trips.

There's no indication when construction will begin, or when it's anticipated to be complete.

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