Six-storey condo development proposed in Lake Country

Developer wants to go taller

A six-storey condo development at the Lakestone development in Lake Country will go before council next week. 

A developer is seeking a zoning variance to allow for a taller building at 9652 Benchland Drive, as the lot's current zoning only permits a four-storey structure. 

“The lot is strategically located at a central focal point of the area, above a valley and across from a park, on Benchland Drive,” said senior planning Paul Dupuis in a report to council.

The taller building would minimize the building envelope and create more public space at the edges while preserving viewscapes.

“If the variance was not supported then the developer, to achieve the same density on the subject property, would have to use the whole site at 4 storeys,” Dupuis said. “This could have a larger impact on the surrounding land uses and would not allow for viewscapes to be maintained through the site in the same way as currently proposed.”

Because the Lake Country Fire Department has a “limited capability” to fight a fire in a six-storey building, the developer would be required to cough up $22 per square metre above the third floor (roughly $126,000) and provide a fire room and equipment on site. If the developer doesn’t provide the equipment and room, a cash payment of $23,000 would be required.

The project would include two levels of underground parking.

Council will discuss the proposal on Tuesday. Should they approve the zoning variance, a development permit for the project will come before council for consideration in December.

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