MP Tracy Gray and Uptown Rutland Business Association place notes for Olympia

Love & support for Olympia

After a devastating fire claimed a beloved restaurant in Rutland, the community has showcased their support in a colourful way. 

MP Tracy Gray and Karen Beaubier, the Executive Director for the Uptown Rutland Business Association, banded together to start a wall of heart-filled messages at Olympia Greek Taverna.

Beaubier tells Castanet it was important for them to do this to show the family that the community is behind them.

“That we are 100 per cent in support of them on a rebuild and can’t wait to see it comes into play and Rutland loves the Koutsantonis family,” she adds. 

“They’re just amazing folks and have always been a strong community supporter so we wanted to show our support and our best wishes for them.”

Beaubier bets every person in Rutland has spent a night or enjoyed their food one time or another and hopes the family sees the colourful messages.

“I think it’s just important for the family to feel that and we totally did this on a whim and we decided to go up there and just do it. I’m just so happy to see the positive responses from the community.”

She added on Sunday that she is likely to go back to the restaurant to add more blank notes for those who wanted to add their well-wishes. 

Olympia Greek Taverna was an iconic restaurant in the community of Rutland that burnt down on the night of Oct. 6, leading to the closure after 47 years of service. 

Owner Mike Koutsantonis says they plan to rebuild. 

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