Puppy seized from Princeton animal hoarder has recovered from canine parvovirus after nearly dying

Puppy recovers from parvo

Following the massive seizure of 97 animals from a known animal hoarder in Princeton, the BC SPCA is sharing some good news.  

A puppy recovering from the canine parvovirus at the Kelowna BC SPCA has had a miraculous turn around after almost succumbing to the sickness. His progress has been shared on video. 

Animal protection officers rescued 46 puppies, 21 adult dogs, 27 horses and three cats on Sept. 23 from what they describe as a substandard breeder. 

Unfortunately, eight of the 46 puppies have died as a result of the canine parvovirus but the Kelowna BC SPCA is continuing to care for the rest of the puppies.

Donations to the SPCA are in high demand as medical costs could surpass $100,000. 

Monetary donations, freshly laundered flat sheets and large towels are needed. Sheets and towels can be dropped off outside of the branch on the donation shelves between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Other donations such as dish soap, laundry pods and extra large garbage bags can also be purchased for the branch through the BC SPCA Amazon Wishlist. 

The dogs and puppies seized from the Princeton property include Labrador retrievers, Dalmatians, Corgis, Great Pyrenees, King Charles spaniels, Yorkies, Maltese, poodles and Australian cattle dogs.

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