Kelowna businesses team up to launch gift cards for counselling services

Gift cards for counselling

Three Kelowna businesses have teamed up to create The Local Counselling Card (TLCC) in an effort to make counselling services more accessible in the Okanagan.

You Are Collective, The Local Gift Card and William and Associates Counselling Services have teamed up for the project, which is launching gift cards that can be exchanged for counselling.

Mental health services are in high demand yet many Canadians still say they cannot access these services due to financial restraints and just not knowing where to go for the support. The founders of You Are Collective say the have been in these positions themselves, which was a driving force for this initiative. 

"We hear more than anything how challenging it is to find access to affordable mental health support - and then to actually find a match can sometimes be a tedious process," says co-founder Rebecca Steinhubl.

"The idea with TLCC is to take some of that weight off. We have detailed bios to allow you to learn about the counsellors ahead of time and they all offer free consultations along with low-fee options."

Those who receive the counselling card will get to choose from different counselling services. You can purchase the gift card to use yourself, to gift or to donate to community initiatives that could benefit from the resource.

"We know there are non-profits and organizations out there doing the work. We want to support them and hopefully lessen the burden of inconsistent funding and the community's ever increasing need for services," says The Local Gift Card founder Sarah Coffey.

The TLCC website features bios from participating counsellors in the community. Any counsellors in the Okanagan that offer low-fee and affordable counselling are encouraged to apply.

Those wanting to support the TLCC initiative can do so through You Are Collective's #1MillionCampaign.

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