Okanagan film production is booming, continuing well into 2021

Film production thriving

Film production is buzzing in the Okanagan, with no end in sight as productions are booked well into summer 2021.

Filming for movies and television shows have continued locally since the third week of the COVID-19 pandemic and things aren't slowing down anytime soon, says the Okanagan Film Commission.

“Because the Okanagan Film Commission initiated a pro-active approach to COVID-safe film production and worked with WorkSafe BC to create protocols for the industry, which continue grow now from the initial strategies, the Okanagan set an industry standard by being in the forefront of safe production and hence became the first region in Canada ‘to go to camera’ during COVID,” says Okanagan film commissioner Jon Summerland.

Film production will have an economic impact upwards of $35 million in the Okanagan for 2020, surpassing previous years. 

“We landed a slate of movies of the week: Hallmark and Lifetime films that are booked and will take production in the region significantly into 2021,” says Summerland.

Productions ahead include two reality shows, dozens of movies of the week and features.

Currently films in production include Peachland: Romance At Crystal Cove; in Kelowna: The Angel Tree; and in Vernon: Under a Lover’s Moon, Love in Romance, Or, Love on the Vine.

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